17 jun. 2011

Mistakes of Life

A friend of mine once told me that a human being is brought up by itself and by the influence of the people that coexist with our lives. The psychology of maturation of a teenager is a hard procedure to face in a society like the one in which we live nowadays. That’s why people need a guide to illuminate our journey, because it has no return. In some cases it could be religion, in others family, friends, people that are more for you that your friends and you feel they are part of your family, or simply a person who offers to listen to what’s happening to you and would know if you’re making a mistake.
That is why I call this the lesson of life; mistakes are an important part of our lives. They make us realise when we have done something wrong, giving us a second chance to fix our ways. They are part of us, because human beings were created in order to commit mistakes, so we can learn about them.
I know that I’ve made lots of mistakes during my short life which will teach me some concepts about life, build my character, and help me in the future to be a better person. Nothing is written in a piece of paper, so you have to find out how to build your life, despite making mistakes that could either change your life or simply help you to see clearly through the mist of your path.

Now, however, the only thing that I can do is apologise for all the things I have done.

Gracias a Dani por las correcciones :)

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  1. vivaaaaaaaaaa
    mistakes shape us but they don't have to dictate where we're going.